Do You Use the Dealer Rule in Blackjack?

One of the most important things to know about playing blackjack is the Dealer Rule. This states that if the dealer makes a number of consecutive cards, you can bet and win any number of cards in front of you from that specific dealer.

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It used to be that your goal was to avoid dealing to an opponent that had any cards left. Now though it’s common to play for nothing when your opponent has no cards left to deal, and it’s something that happens more often than people realize. So what can you do?

To begin with, you’re playing against the dealer, so you have every right to ask them to show you cards. Make sure that you don’t wait until they give you a card though. That could get you another one before you’ve even gotten the chance to claim it. Waiting is always a bad move and most people end up waiting for the dealer to show their cards.

If you feel like you are getting very close to losing a hand, you should find a way to capitalize on your position. If you are very far away from winning a hand, there are plenty of outs, as I’ve explained in detail in my other articles.

It is much better to take a good draw and fold now rather than just letting your hand get worse. Often a hand with a huge bet is just that, but there are many times when you can lose a hand on cards.

But if your hand is on the line, then you can sometimes go all in with no fear of losing. The important thing to remember is that you need to see three cards before you decide to fold your hand. After you’ve seen those three cards, if your hand still seems strong, you can go all in because you know you’ll have to beat the dealer’s bet.

When you have dealt out all of your cards, fold your hand and make sure you know how much money you have left in your pocket. If you are able to figure out how much you have left after being dealt out your cards, you’re in the clear. Don’t fall for that one last bluff because you might not get another shot at it!

The Dealer Rule is not always used but it should be a part of everyone’s strategy for blackjack. Once you know about it though, you can begin to exploit it to your advantage.